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Save Your Brain
Save Your Brain

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In Save Your Brain Dr Colgan discusses the spectacular advances in our understanding of the chemistry of the human brain. The major discovery from recent research is that the stresses of modern life damage the brains of almost all apparently healthy people. This damage starts to show at about age 35 as measurable declines in cognition. Inevitable progression of this damage over decades, eventually emerges as neuro-degenerative disease, especially Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. The most exciting discovery is that, although symptoms may differ, all common brain diseases share many of the same underlying causes. Therefore all can be inhibited, or even prevented by the same strategies.

Chapter Titles: 1. Brain Strain; 2. In the Beginning; 3. Brains at Risk; 4. Mitochondrial Decay; 5. Saving your Mitochondria; 6. Nitric Oxide; 7. The Brain in Flames; 8. Glycation Damage; 9. Parkinson's Puzzle; 10. Alzheimer's Alert; 11. The Brain Program; 12. A Quiet Mind

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